Do they still Make Line Telephone Systems?

Do they still make Line Telephone Systems for small business phone Systems?   The short answer is yes!  Although not the most common mostly due to lack of knowledge, but these simple to use office telephone systems are still assembled today.

By default, most major telephone system manufacturers are not producing Line Telephone Systems, because they believe the average small business or mid-size business would prefer VoIP telephone Systems instead.  They believe that these VoIP systems give small business many features that traditional Line Telephone Systems do not offer.   However, what many of these manufacturers fail to realize is the small family-owned brick and mortar business operate differently than corporate America.

Line Telephone SystemsBell, set out to invent a better telegraph and ended up inventing the telephone.   In the days following who would have thought that Americans and the world would come to rely on it so much.  The phone had wires that transmitted sound to a device known as a Telephone.  This amazing form of communication has become so common we just do not comprehend how much we depend on it in our daily lives.

Over the decades the telephone was refined and developed into a telephone system.  First using operators to patch calls to various parties in the office building and then later using switch TechKnowledge using basic electronics.  Lucent, which was the original Bell Labs, Created the Business Phone System for Small to Medium size businesses.    Bell labs later known as Lucent developed The Avaya Partner Phone System

The Traditional small office telephone system was a 4 Line Telephone System or sometimes just a 3 Line Telephone system used in small business.  You can still find 4 Line Telephone System providers throughout the country.

The Avaya Partner was an amazing and Installed by Avaya Dealers through out the United States.  Later came the Avaya 500 phone using the 1416 Avaya Phone System. This phone system was the bridge between VoIP for Business and the Line Telephone System.  Giving businesses the best of both worlds.  The Avaya Phone System can be built out to be a Line Telephone system by qualified providers to act like older Nortel Phone Systems, Vodavi, or Comdial Phone Systems.    You still get to keep your LINES and be able to grab them at any of your desk phone like you always have.


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