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TCO CTNS Certification

Obtain the skills you need in the Telecom Industry.  These 6 Courses covering all major categories of Telecom excluding cloud phone systems.  Found Here _______

• Loops and trunks, analog, the voiceband

• LECs, CLECs, and IXCs. POTS and SS7.

• Mobile network, radio, and cellular fundamentals

• Phone calls and mobile Internet over cellular

• 4G LTE and OFDMA, 5G new spectrum, new applications

• Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi security, and satellite communications

• Protocols and standards. The OSI Model.

• Layers: Layer 2 vs. Layer 3. Examples.

• Protocol stacks. How protocol stacks work.

• LAN fundamentals. Ethernet and 802 standards.

• MAC addresses and MAC frames

• LAN switches, broadcast domains, and VLANs

• Ethernet on twisted pair (Cat 5e/6 cables), radio (Wi-Fi) and fiber (Optical Ethernet)

• Packet network fundamentals. Routers.

• IP packets and IP addresses

• Static & dynamic, public & private addresses

• Network Address Translation (NAT). IPv6.

• Carrier network basics. Customer Edge (CE) device

• Service Level Agreements and CoS

• MPLS for traffic management, VPNs, integrated access

• MPLS Services vs. Internet service

• The Big Picture. VoIP Phones and Terminals

• Voice in IP Packets. Soft Switches / SIP Servers / Call Managers.

• Media Servers, Gateways, LAN and WAN, SIP Trunking, Standards

• Where All of This is Headed: Broadband IP Dial Tone

TCO Certification, giving you a solid foundation in telecom, datacom, and networking, from traditional telephony and cellular to Ethernet, IP networking and MPLS.

Get up to speed on all major topics, at your own pace. Understand the fundamentals, technologies, jargon, buzzwords and most importantly, the underlying ideas … and how it all fits together.

Plus, get your Telecommunications Certification Organization (TCO) Certified Telecommunications Network Specialist (CTNS) Certification to prove it!

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